About us

NOA Woman Shoes, is a brand founded in 2009 by the experience in the footwear industry that has been handed down for three generations, and has since grown steadily. Today is an important reality in the Industrial Sector of women’s footwear, has headquarters in the USA Heart Neapolitan hinterland. The Production and born from the very first moment Aimed at a female audience, Towards Which has always shown a particular predisposition. Monitoring with Assidua continuity The evolution of fashion trends in the footwear sector have enabled the company to expand its market BOTH National Level What an international level, increasing the production and export Also in times of crisis.

The NOA brand creates collections characterized by a sublime craftsmanship and a constant stylistic research, helping to anticipate Even the National and International Trends. The business philosophy And Create Models and collections What retain intact its charm to the transience of escaping fashionismo, but creating exclusive models for women More demanding without sacrificing comfort and quality of Made in Italy.

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